Third Expanse

Welcome to Fresher

Or... how NOT to leave the farming industry

Session One – July 23rd

As most good stories go, we begin with a boy not even in his twenties, and an old…er, lecherous man. Nothing uncouth with a start such as that. Let’s call them Xander Rhysland and John Robert Leslie … because those are their names. Seriously. Look them up. I hear they like receiving strange calls in the middle of the night.

We find them on Air… the orbital space station… around the colony world of Fresher. Yes… Fresher Air… I’m sure the founders of the colony were failed comedians.

It seems the two gentlemen had just recently struck a deal with one of Air’s most well known individuals, Fe Dewolff in the purchase of a shiny, new, slightly used, maybe in need of repair, starship. As the scuttlebut goes… every spaceport has scuttlebut… Fe and Xander had gotten to know each other rather well. This is only obvious given Xander is the middle child of one of Fresher’s more productive farming families, and Miss Dewolff knows how to sell food to anyone… regardless of it’s quality. All of those rumors about Miss Dewolff cradle robbing the Rhysland family are hogwash… seriously… don’t let any of her people hear you spreading those rumors. In any case, it’s said it was this close relation that allowed such a wet eared boy (someone really should sell him a towel for that) to close such a very expensive purchase. Well, that… and his surgar daddy’s money.

No sooner is the ink dry on this deal of a ship than the two men begin the process of registering their business and hiring crew! Ummm… did I mention the ship they purchased is not due to arrive in the Fresher system for another three days? Well, now you know, and no, neither of the two owners have seen it yet.

Thankfully the two new business men find a plethora of available crewmen thanks to the abundance of players cough I mean, traffic to this backwater star system. Almost immediately the two men begin interviewing candidates… in a bar. The venue for totally above board space business!

The first to voluntarily be molested is Archer. A Vuri with some rather impressive ship engineer skills looking for some work. Totally NOT a narc!

Now… finding the right crew for your starship, especially for a fledgling start-up, is paramount to success! And to that end, they hired the secret agent Vuri named after an animated drunk. Mission accomplished, or so thinks Captain Long John Robert Leslie, when over saunters two highly attractive ladies just begging for his… captains staff? Does that work here? Regardless, one failed roll later, and John leaves the bar to spread some seed, leaving the remaining crew hiring decisions to his 19 year old partner…

… when in walks Aniah Silvershade. If you were a three foot something semi-rodent, lady Silvershade would be a knockout! Either by looks or by draining your bank account… neither of which is known by Xander who is simply introduced to the rather cute… in a pet sort of way… Squeelah that chews his ear off, figuratively, about her skills with computers and gizmos… and how her last crew ditched her. Another hire in the bag!

Happy with his hiring choices thus far, Xander figures the next thing he needs is a medic. This makes perfect sense! Space is full of illnesses after all! As such, he goes up to the most qualified person he knows for medical employee recommendations… the bar keep. And in true bar keep fashion, he knows just such a perfect candidate hiding in a dark corner at the back of the bar!

As Xander makes his way to the cheerfully dark, medically soothing bar hole hiding some, as yet unknown “medical professional”, Aniah Silvershade, in a happy, giddy mood, decides that a little five finger discount is just the thing! Lucky for her, there are totally naive patrons nearby from whom Aniah helps her self to a credit chip… which she learns is not food… ok… she knew that, but still, I’m picturing a mouse eating a potato chip and am finding it funny.

Chitterie watches Xander approach his little corner. As Xander gets closer, he’s imagining all of the ways he could “heal” the boy if the boy goes and pisses him off. The boy’s just so… pleasant! He needs to go. To Chitterie’s combined dismay and delight, the annoying boy is offering him a job doing what he loves doing… poking flesh with sharp objects cough as he sutures wounds! At this point, Xander is all but sure he has a full crew… but not quite…

Before Xander could make it to the door, and begin his trek home to tell his family he’s ditching them during the harvest, a rather lovely young lady catches his attention and waves him over. “I hear you’re hiring a crew,” she intones. Xander nods. “Space is dangerous… I hope you have… protection” (ok… maybe those weren’t EXACTLY the words spoken, but I’m paraphrasing here… for effect). “And what are you offering?” Xander asks innocently. The mysterious woman then, discreetly shows Xander a rather scary looking weapon. “I’m offering security.” she tell him. Well… long story short, Xander find he has added a security officer to the ship. Yes. Totally a security officer. He could now head home and break the news to his folks. Fun times!

It was for John! He got laid… five times! Huh? STDs? He’s beyond that I think.

While Xander headed home, and Captain John is managing his staff, the seriously regular guy, stop asking, Mr. Archer goes back to his cabin and begins preparing his equipment, which would make a normal man curl up and cry in fear (Mr. Archer was very nice helping the piss soaked cleaning man to the corridor from his room). Before retiring for the night, he then quickly wrote a sit-rep… for his “parents”… and sent it along on the next outbound starship.

The first to greet Xander as he returns home in his family shuttle, the Early Riser, is his little sister, who’s excitable, innocent, 10 year old eyes plead with her bigger brother to take her for a ride [sic]. Knowing he’ll be leaving is home world of Fresher for quite some time, he obliges the little girl.

Having come of his trist (or was it an orgy?), John decides the, still unseen ship, and totally unacquainted crew, need a job! Not just any old job, of course, but one that can only be found by asking those “on the street” who’s a good contact. The lady in ship maintenance! Of course! After a little confusion in the halls, John find his way to the large ship maintenance area, and is directed to a small office, in which sits Judith West, a fine looking Vuri woman (by Vuri standards, anyway. Human’s really can’t tell). After asking the subtle questions, like, “I’m told you have work for me”, Mrs West looks upon the lovely Captain meat and admits she does have something of a job for him… two jobs, actually. John’s informed the first job will cost him $750, and a date.

John wastes no time informing the still showboating Xander of his excellent use of company funds, and, with Xander’s sharp business acumen, and blessing, John agrees to Mrs. West’s terms and makes the date for that evening.

Aniah Silvershade, as it so happens, is a bit anxious about getting to the contents of her ill gotten gains, and pleads with the GM to allow her to get filthy rich. The GM agrees to let the little rodent try, and, for her troubles, finds that accessing the funds isn’t just a matter of pinata-ing the credit chip and watching the money fall out. Instead, learns the process is a hacking attempt into the local banking system. The attempt… doesn’t go over very well. Instead of money, Aniah Silvershade finds she may have to avoid authorities for a little while. How long until her new employer’s ship arrives? Two days?

John arrives at the agreed upon resturant. It seems Mrs. West had arrived just ahead of the Captain and is sitting in a nice, secluded, circular booth near the back of the establishment. Slipping into a position next to the lovely Vuri maintenance worker, John isn’t quite surprised to find her hand almost immediately going for his inner thigh. To be honest, Captain John all but expects such behavior from “the ladies”. What he didn’t expect, however, was to find a large, mute man taking a seat next to him, effectively pinning John between West and the mutes imposing frame. The Mute takes out what looks to be a hypodermic injector and attempts to grab at John’s hand. Unsurprisingly John pulls away and attempts to take out his gun (no… the one used to hurt people). Judith West squeezes on John’s inner thigh and says in his ear, “Don’t worry John. This is my associate. He’s just going to implant you with a small micro dot that contains the coordinates and all of the information you need to know.”

“Why can’t you just tell me?” Captain John has the where-with-all to ask.

“The cargo is valuable, Captain. Very valuable. This is a security measure to assure no one but those hired get the information required. Nothing to be worried about.” Judith says with a little more hand action.

John almost reluctantly agrees, for which he is given a very quick injection in his hand and The Mute departs from the booth.

“Now,” Judith says, “shall we continue our date?”

John smiles at the Vuri and the two have a wonderful evening… and smashing good sex (yes, humans and vuri can have sex… hell, Shepard could have sex with a Turian in ME3. This was a cake walk by comparison!)

And thus ended the first session! Unknown ship. Unknown crew. Unknown job suspiciously implanted into the Captain’s hand. This is going to be one board slog through space!


Being wet behind the ears can be fatal in a cold climate like Fresher, so I blow dry. Thank you very much.
- Xander

Welcome to Fresher

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