Colony - Fresher

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Fresher was the first colony founded in Sagittarius shortly after the Trans-Galactic Gateway was discovered. Though it’s average planetary temperature was a solid 5 degrees colder than Earth standard, one would assume that having the distinction of being the first colonized world would have lead to the colony being one of the largest and most prominent colonies in Sagittarius. Initially, it was. Resource estimates for the system were high and for the first year, a member of every prominent stellar nation or major organization set foot on Fresher for one reason or another. When several Foresight run resource extraction companies began setting up processing outposts, jobs grew and construction of the capital city of Pathway began.

Then Fresher faced problem after problem. The first was the discovery of Blue Topia within two years of Fresher’s colonization. Located only two and a half parsecs from Fresher and closer Star Rise, Blue Topia was a lush garden world with a near perfect climate. With vastly increased resources among every major type, and a population increase brought on not only from colonists, but a significant tourist influx, Blue Topia quickly surpassed Fresher as a gateway system.

Within another decade, it came to light that the resources available within the Fresher star system were far lower than initial estimates projected. In response Foresight began to slowly shrink back operations, which lead to increased unemployment and emigration rates for the colony. In the year 2596, Foresight sold off it’s assets to the colony and left the system behind.

After the events of 2602, Fresher’s access to many of the other colonies in Sagittarius was greatly diminished. No ship that ventured to Blue Topia had every returned to anyone’s knowledge, cutting off Fresher’s access to a Wormhole Gate, and the next closest system with a Wormhole Gate was almost ten parsecs away… over a full months travel in one direction… severely limiting trade to only the closer, and smaller colonies nearby.

As of 2700, Fresher is the largest of six colonies in it’s local area (a total region of 6 cubic parsecs), and trades primarily agricultural goods to it’s neighbors, with some ores and minerals still being extracted by the private companies that took over when Foresight left. Sadly, Fresher and it’s surrounding neighbors also suffer from piracy within the established routes, and there are few ships available to cover. As such, rather sizable starship salvage and personal protection markets have formed.

Planet Class: Tundra
Planet Temperature: Chilly
Population: 1.2 million
Capital: Pathway
Major Export: Meats and Produce
Pirate Frequency: Moderate

Colony - Fresher

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