Colony - Gagnons Star

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First surveyed as star system SLC-R4.985T1.67, then later bought in 2593 by tycoon Gagnon Caverly, Gagnon’s Star contains no habitable worlds, but an estimated 400 trillion in various minable common and rare metals in the systems many asteroids and barren worlds.

Before the cutoff from Orion in 2602, the Happy Dwarf Mining Co was incorporated with Gagnon Caverly as head CEO of the newly formed mining company. Within it’s first year the company setup a number of high value contracts with Sagittarius colonies and their Stellar Nation benefactors.

After 2602, and it became clear that travel through Blue Topia was virtually impossible (for reasons still unknown) production has slowed. While still the major supplier for Fresher and Rivendell , it’s largest contract with Airanzu has become substantially weakened due to transit time between Gagnon’s Star and Airanzu .

System Data

Star Class: [ K8 ] Red Dwarf
Planet Count: 4 barren worlds with several score moons
Major City/Station: Space Station “Rosie”
Population (System wide): 950,000

Colony - Gagnons Star

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