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The War of Sol was a long and bloody conflict lasting nearly 80 years, and involved all but the smallest Stellar Nations. It was a war to claim ownership of Humanities birthplace… Earth, in the Sol star system. Eight of the Stellar Nations entered into conflict with each other, officially to claim Earth, and other non-aligned systems. After fifty years, the conflicts grew in ferocity, and near total war had broken out.

The Galactic Protectorate Alliance was born almost directly from the event known as The Greenfields Massacre. The total nuclear destruction of three agrarian worlds located along the Greenfield Trade Lane and the loss of an estimated 9.3 billion civilian lives perpetrated by the Ever Star nation brought most other nations to shock.

From the initial alliances formed in retaliation against the nation of Ever Star, words of peace began to be uttered. Only two years after the horrific event, five stellar nations, the Xin Xia Dynasty, the Procyon Federation, the League of Non-Aligned Worlds, the Neo Rome Republic, and the Babylon Collective met on Earth. The negotiations took several years but almost immediately, all nations agreed to the need of a galaxy wide peace keeping force.

Tenants of the Protectorate [simplified]

  • Stellar Nations are sovereigns of their own territories
  • The Protectorate must aid all civilian and humanitarian calls of distress.
  • The Protectorate will never engage in a hostile actions against stellar nation forces unless those forces are directly causing harm to civilian or humanitarian targets.
  • The Protectorate will maintain a peacekeeping presence in high trafficked locations, and may act as an extension of policing forces for Protectorate-Aligned nations.

Galactic Protectorate Alliance

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