Third Expanse

Dark Shadows

And the Doors

Session Four – September 17th

Xander returned from the hospital, happy that his sister was safe, but sad his family was very angry with him.

Once he returned to the ship, the Astrea’s Jewel entered CRS headed for Rivendell.

The Guest Cabins once again started opening and closing without anyone seeing them do so, or see anyone or thing that might have done so. The crew decided to setup a watch on the doors to see if they could catch anyone in the act. Captain John used his time with Sadhva during their watch to hit on her. He wasn’t totally successful, but she did agree to join him in his cabin for drinks… nothing else happened.

During Xander and Archer’s shift, however, Archer heard a voice say “Let me in” while Xander saw a shadow figure down the corridor.

This happened the second night as well… also, John hit on Sadhva a second night.

The crew then decided to try watching the door with cameras. That didn’t totally work. The doors switched from open to closed, but the video feed cut out for three minutes. Aniah Silvershade suggested someone watch the feeds somewhere out of site from the doors. The crew agreed.

Xander was training in the pilots dome on the bridge when a window of information opened just at the edge of his vision. Within the information, he thought he saw a figure, but as he turned to get a better look, the figure seemed to vanish, leaving only the information window. Checking both his consoles history, as well as request history in engineering, he found that all logs show his console did, in fact, request the information. He, however, did not.

It was just as that time when Aniah saw the video feed cut to black. Archer turned to look and saw that the closed guest cabin door was now slightly ajar, and the video feed had returned. They immediately contacted Xander, Sadhva, and John.

Investigating the room, they, once again, found it empty. Xander then decided he would attempt psionics. It was something he’d experimented with in the past, and felt it worth a shot now. After a minute or two of meditation, he was able to walk outside his body and explore the areas around him, even through walls, but he also felt he didn’t have long. He looked around as thorough as he could and almost found nothing, except, at the last minute, he noticed a black mist IN the control panel of the door.

Xander and Aniha both convinced Archer to dismantle the doors and see if they could get to that mist. As reluctant as he was to do so outside of a ship drydock, Archer agreed and, with Aniha’s help, proceeded to take the door apart.

One evening, after spending another nice evening with the John, talking over some liquer, Sadhva went to sleep in her quarters. She dreamt of her and the captain having a romantic picnic in a lovely park, under a bright, blue sky. Then the sky turned ashen. The grass turned brown. The ground between her and the captain split apart, flames bursting up, engulfing the captain and keeping her from him. As his flesh burned away, he called to her… “Let me in!”

Having dismantled the door, Aniah, Archer, and Xander were greeted by… nothing. There was no mist in the mechanism.

Archer then hit on an idea that, maybe if he and Xander used their powers together, the could see and hear this being. Archer would even be able to use his abilities to read Xander’s surface thoughts and be able to see the being along with him. Unfortunately, beyond confirming between themselves that they were, indeed, seeing and hearing something, they could not communicate with the being.

Then, finally, the ship arrived at Rivendell.