Captain John Robert Leslie

Rakish Lecherous Captain


Born to the famously lecherous rock star Iain Leslie, and his model girlfriend Diamonique, John was born into wealth and fame on his home planet. Life was easy for him as a child, though with his famous parents, nannies and sitters were the call of the day. He has the amazing good looks of his mother, and the lecherousness and self-confidence of his father, by the time he was 12 they had to change up and get older nannies/sitters, because they caught him in bed with one of them. In school, he was the boy all the girls drooled over, and was constantly getting in trouble for making out with girls (frequently more than one) in the stairwells and isolated corners of the school. Then there were two different scandals, with two different female teachers, in the span of two years. Although he did get A+ in both of those courses for the year, his parents, not sure what to do, sent him to military school. He excelled in his classes there as well, and could have graduated top in his class, if he didn’t have a couple of episodes of trouble, while off-duty, of course, involving women. Because of this seemingly uncontrollable issue with women, he was not recommended for active service after graduation. Not long after, his parents passed in a tragic space travel accident, leaving him his father’s fortunes (and royalties on his music). He burned through a lot of it, through partying and women, but was able to live because the royalty money kept coming in. He ended up selling the music rights for large amounts, and has invested most of that in places he cannot easily access.

Finally, he decided he’d like to use some of his knowledge and skills picked up over the years (the ones not involving sex) and go space-faring, and see how it works. That was when he met and became friends with Xander, and they decided to partner up moving freight (and maybe some contraband too).

Captain John Robert Leslie

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