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Sol, Earth’s home star system, is located near the outer edge of a region of the Milky Way Galaxy known as the Orion Arm. This region spans, at it’s shortest length, approximately 660 parsecs. Of those, over the span of 600 years, the many stellar nations had yet to expand beyond 200 of those parsecs… until the discovery of Starfall.

Built by an as yet unknown species, a massive space station was discovered orbiting within only 2 million miles of the surface of Starfall’s blue sun. The station was a gateway and it opened to a region calculated to be on the opposite end of the Milky Way, in a region called the Sagittarius Arm. Starfall’s companion gate opened via an identical orbital station orbiting a star named Star Rise.

For a little over 40 years after the discovery of the gateway, the Stellar Nations had been sending colonies to the Sagittarius region at a rate of nearly 1 or more a year. Not only did these nations want to be the first to claim territory in this new region of space, but it came to light that many of the worlds in Sagittarius had once been inhabited. Strange ruins and the tease of new technologies only pushed more and more people to migrate to the new region. This ended abruptly in 2602 when Sagittarius lost all contact with the Orion Arm, and their home nations.

The year is 2700, and most of the surviving colonies are desperate. Desperate for food. Desperate for resources. Many colonies don’t even have space flight, or the industry to build it. In space, legitimate traders and pirate groups are in a never ending arms race, and the remnants of the Galactic Protectorate peace keeping fleet within Sagittarius have neither the ships, nor the manpower to keep safe more than a few, more prominently developed colonies. And then there’re the rumors of some of the smaller colonies going missing. Most say they simply failed and the colonists died out, but others whisper of something else more sinister occurring, and, whether they admit it or not, these whispers have everyone on edge.

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