The Squeelah

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Pronunciation: Squee’lah



In 2511, two things shocked the explorers tasked with surveying star system (G1-44.281/99). The first was the nearly immediate bombardment of radio signals the exploration crew found themselves bombarded with. This wasn’t random background radiation, but directed waves… some of which were communications. The first shock was the system was inhabited with a space faring species.

Three months later, after the the species, calling themselves Squeelah, figured out not just the explorer’s language but the communications protocols used to directly communicate with their ship, the second bit of shocking information was revealed… (G1-22.281/99) was not the Squeelah’s home star system.

At face value, the Squeelah appear very impressive. Between their equivalent of the renaissance and the establishment of their first orbital space station similar to human’s International Space Station in the final years of the 20th century, only 115 years had passed for the Squeelah.

This rapid progress, however, was due to two major pressures the Squeelah where quick to realize. The first was rapidly approaching over population. Constantly trying to create more space, and efficiently remove the waste that built up, Squeelah had an explosion of engineering. Aqueducts, large scale construction, machinery, all advancing at a rapid pace. This lead to a flourishing educational system, which then lead to their learning of their second major pressure… the slow decent of their planets second moon.

Where humanities initial push into space was due to political competition, the Squeelah had desperation. They realized that at the least, they needed to save as many of their kind as they could. Yet, instead of focusing on a single effort, they attempted three. The first was an massive engineering project to boost their small moon back into orbit. The second was plans for colonizing the other terrestrial bodies of their star system. The third, and most desperate, was the construction of a colony ship that could farry some portion of the population to one of the other nearby star systems.

What completely blew the humans and vuri away, was not the fact the Squeelah succeeded in one of these attempts… but that they succeeded in doing all three.

While the humans and vuri sat in awe of the Squeelah’s abilities, the Squeelah, likewise, sat in awe of the CRuSh Drive . The Squeelah had formed an interplanetary empire, but they did so without FTL.

In 2513, the treaties were signed and the Squeelah Emirate joined the Galactic Protectorate Alliance. From that point, not only did the Squeelah territories triple in size seemingly overnight, but almost every major Stellar Nation found Squeelah settlers requesting immigration.


To a human, the Squeelah are “adorable”! Standing not much taller than an average 7 to 10 year old human child, and with eyes that rivaled even the biggest “puppy dog eyes”, humans tended to leave their guards down with the Squeelah. This allowed them to ingratiate themselves easily with most human culture. Of course, this left some humans easy targets for less-than-honest Squeelah.

For the most part, however, the Squeelah are amazing engineers, gadgeteers, and architects. They also have a very inquisitive mind, which almost always puts them at the fore of most major exploration expeditions.

The Squeelah

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