The Vuri

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Pronunciation: Vor`ee



Before their three Citi Ships arrived in orbit around Earth, the Vuri existed as nomads drifting through the Milky Way on a journey so old, their computers and stories no longer recorded their point of origin, or the reason they had set out in the first place. For millennia, the Vuri fleet wandered from one star system to the next, siphoning resources from gas giants and dead worlds, then moving on to the next.

It came as a shock when the first Earth broadcasts were encountered. Not only did the signals represent the first known sentient alien life in what remained of Vuri history, but the astronomical coincidence that source of these signals originated from the very star system they were currently enroute to sent a flurry of scientific and political fervor throughout the populace as they tried to learn all they could during their final one hundred and fifty two year approach.

Officially, the Vuri mark the date they found their new home as August 10th, 2093, with their three Citi Ships in permanent Earth orbit at the L4 lagrange point.


Having spent millennia wandering through the galaxy, the Vuri came to adapt a very centered and calm outward demeanor, and seem to take their time and carefully observe and appreciate their surroundings. An old Vuri proverb states “Too quick of thought or action, and memory will flee as do the wonders around us.”

Whether part of their species when they still had a home world, or whether it came about during their fathomless journey, it is customary for Vuri to mate with at least three others of the opposite gender, with each coupling holding a bond much like that of Human marriage. Therefore, having three spouses, and each spouse having at least two other spouses, a Vuri family is a very complex web of relationships. Three spouses isn’t the limit, however. Like in any sufficiently large culture, there are Vuri that have more than three spouses, and others that are content with only one.

While humans had always theorized about such things, most vuri have a form of psionic capability. For most, this manifests in the ability with nearly no audible communication… telepathic communication, however, there are others that have demonstrated telekinetic psionics as well.

To a human, vuri appear thoughtful, calming, and wise… partly because most humans don’t hear the conversations going on between vuri. This also leads some humans to perceive vuri as rather arrogant. From the vuri perspective, humans come across as incredibly dynamic, judgemental, hot tempered, until the Squeelah were encountered, highly energetic, and, above all, loud.


On average, a vuri male stands between 1.6 and 1.8 meters tall while a vuri female can have a much wider height range from 1.4 to almost 2 meters in size.

To the touch, vuri skin feels very similar to that of a humans, however, a chemical in their skin, similar to melatonin, causes their skin to vary from deep blue to a very pale green. In rare cases, vuri have been known to have almost yellow skin.

While physically the vuri have two arms, two legs, and a head as humans do, the vuri neck and head are almost completely different than humans. The head is only half the height of that of a humans, but nearly as wide and deep. The cranial cavity is nearly 10% larger than a humans, while their two dark eyes appear almost small, even though they’re no larger or smaller than a humans.

The vuri do not have a singular neck. Instead, their head sits atop three muscular necks, one from upper thorax that ends above the maxilla, positioned over what would be the nasal cavity, and one from the back of each of the shoulders that then holds the head up over each temporal lobe. These necks not only allow for a much wider range of motion than human heads are capable of, but they each contain a full nerve bundle that can act as a redundancy if ever one or both of the other two have been severed.

The Vuri

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